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Ask for the Kipper Brothers (in any pub) - your website hosts. Advice is free but better over a beer...hint hint.




A lively round bar near the bottom of the gondola. There is a pole in the roof and yes Andy did grace it on his birthday. A great place if you get off the mountain early - need a 'lemonade' and the Bullet isn't open. 

A nice atmosphere. Serves great cocktails.

China Town
Run by a new couple. Very very friendly and good food. Drinking hole for  locals.

Sophisticated. 'Just like the Kipper Brothers!' Seriously a great  place to try for a drink or a meal. Moni and Tamara will make you very welcome. (The Moss was even seen drinking wine there once!!!)!

Lift Stubl

Part of the Sport Hotel. Another good place for an early beer. Perhaps more 'kid' friendly than most.


Mr Moss and I did try to work out in how many places you could get a beer one Saturday in August in the little village of Hopfgarten. We lost count after 24!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!